Prince Alfred Terrace, originally built in 1840, was a strategic mid-Atlantic location for the British Royal Navy’s fleet.   The terraces were constructed on what was part of a  200 acre plot of Ireland Island which had been purchased to create a working Dockyard.  The terraces were named after Prince Alfred, Queen Victoria’s son, who visited Bermuda whilst serving in the Royal Navy.  


Dockyard remained an important strategic base for a further 139 years and during the First World War (1914-18) and Second World War (1939-1945) during which time, Prince Alfred Terrace remained in use.  In 2016, sadly, it was left derelict, one of only 2 historic terraces remaining, of the 9 originally built.   When Bermuda hosted the America's cup in 2017 , Prince Alfred Terrace was returned to its former glory with a million dollar refit, and apartments were created to house the sailors and their families.   It now, has been refurbished and now visitors have the opportunity to stay in a rich part of Bermuda history.