1. Guests must be over 18 years of age.  Minors staying in units must be accompanied by an adult.

  2. Government regulations for Phase 4 must be adhered to.

  3. Parties are not permitted.

  4. Smoking is not allowed in the buildings or in communal areas.

  5. People other than those in the Guest party set forth above may not stay overnight in the property.  Any other person in the property is the sole responsibility of Guest.  Additional guests are not allowed to exceed the occupancy limit agreed.

  6. Guests should not create excessive noise at a level that disturbs neighbours; Code-enforced neighbourhood quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.

  7. Communal areas are for rental Guests only.  Visitors of guests should be entertained in Guests private areas.

  8. No music shall be at sound levels that are able to be overheard outside the units or by neighbouring guests.

  9. The owners are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. The owners are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.

  10. Keep the property and all furnishings in good order

  11. Only use appliances for their intended uses

  12. Pets are not allowed.

  13. Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas only.  Twizy and mopeds are permitted to be parked on the property.   All other vehicles, cars, taxis, vans are permitted for 15 minute drop off only.  There is secondary parking for other vehicles across the street from Prince Alfred Terrace.

  14. Housekeeping:  There is no daily housekeeping service. Beach towels are provided. Apart from beach towels, we do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the units.

  15. Garbage: Any garbage must be stowed in the proper garbage or recycling receptacle, located at the entrance of the property.

  16. Dock and Water Access: No children under the age of 12 are permitted on the dock without adult supervision.  Use of the dock at your own risk.  Diving and jumping are not advisable at any time.  No fishing is permitted. We strongly advise that water access is only from the Dock Area. Other areas can be dangerous. Parental supervision is strongly advised.

  17. Cleaning   The property must be left clear of garbage, dishes and equipment must be placed in the dishwasher and the apartment must be left in a reasonable clean state.  Any breakages should be reported so we can replace these items for the following guests.

  18. Keys  Any lost keys will be deducted from the deposit at a cost of $25

  19. Late Check Out:  If possible and arranged in advance are sometimes able to arrange a late check out.  If this option is not possible we can arrange for your luggage to be stored.


      Deductions from damage deposit will be charged for:

  • damage to the property or furnishings;

  • removal or loss of items from the property

  • dirt or other mess requiring excessive cleaning